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William "Bill" Palmer

William “Bill” Palmer specializes in computer data entry, internet sales and book valuations.

Call (760) 439-0884 to schedule to your appointment today.

San Diego Book Binding

San Diego Custom Bookbindery custom binds your favorite books that are falling apart. Using genuine cow hide leather or Library Buckram we can put a new cover on your Bible, Cook-book, Children’s Book or your favorite Comic-Book.

Call us today for more information: (619) 992-7187


Focusing on libraries and their needs, Brodart Books & Library Services strives to be an extension of your staff. Our services range from Collection Development assistance to Cataloging and Processing Services.

Penguin Random House

Founded in 2013 when book publishers Random House and Penguin Group merged. Penguin Random House is the world’s largest English language trade publisher.


We currently partner with to provide our customers with additional access to our extensive book collection.

The Booktales guarantee of accurate book descriptions, careful packaging, and immediate shipping ensures you’ll be satisfied with your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you buy books?

People wishing to sell interesting books in good condition can contact the store during business hours. Book Tales buys selectively with current needs in mind. To avoid inconvenience, sellers should telephone before bringing in items for sale. (760) 426-9678

What is your book exchange policy?

We trade PAPERBACK BOOKS one for one, the same genre and price, plus you pay 30% of the published price for my book.

No trades on hardcover or new books. On Tuesdays, we trade paperback books two for one.

I have acquired a beautiful old leather-bound book: how do I care for it?

First make sure to give it a leather treatment, following the product instructions. I use “ Leather Preservative Restorer”, from Fredelka. But any leather conditioner treatment will do. Do this every 6 months to be certain the leather stays supple and doesn’t crack.

I have a big library and don’t know how to organize it. HELP!

First pick out the most valuable books in your collection, and keep them in a place without direct sun exposure. Then, organize by your favourite authors all together. This makes an attractive display on your shelves. If you have a lot of non-fiction, group the same subjects together, (eg: Civil War; biographies; racing, etc.) Also, books about decorating with books are available and well worth reading.

I have many collectible books but they aren’t leather; how do I preserve them?

Fabric covers are the hardest to conserve. An acid free mylar cover is the best to protect them from dust, dirty hands, mold and fading. Board covers usually clean up with Clear Cover Gel, from Brodart Co. It also keeps the book cover supple so boards don’t crack. Of course, careful handling helps.

My book smells moldy. How can I rectify that?

On the coast or any lake shore or a damp climate, book pages will absorb moisture. Old books do so more. Regular dusting helps. I have found that using silica gel helps dry them out and then using an acid free mylar cover. I have a salt lamp that I set the book next to for several days, fanning out the pages. That helps to a degree, but doesn’t completely eliminate the odor. I have been told that white bread, rolled tight and rubbed gently over the mold can take off some of it; that helps get rid of some of the odor. But however one tries, it seems to never completely kill it. In a dry climate exposing the open book to sunlight will kill mold.